Shapes of Shelter (2017)

“He sought the comfort and security of the little doomed roof.”

Installation Views

Shapes of Shelter Statement

Shapes of Shelter, is a collection of abstract paintings and drawings that explore early shelters used by North American cultures: caves, tipis, pueblos, etc. This body of work addresses two main interests: the beauty and simplicity of our most basic dwellings and the conflict that the need for home can evoke. It began with a small drawing called Two Hopi Pueblos and Three Wikiups. Shelter is one of our most essential needs and in this drawing the simplest way I found to articulate the form of a shelter was with a single curve using a conté crayon. That same curve-shape is found in all of the paintings and drawings in the series.

The architecture of a shelter can be extremely simple to be effective, but the dynamics of “home” are very complex in regards to society’s ideals and the sharing of such an intimate space with others. The house is a vessel that encapsulates the life force that exists within, separating it from the rest of the world. Some individuals seek refuge within that space while others wish to escape it. I find the uneasiness of that pull and push fascinating.