Fast and forward But Still (2019)

“The landscape was simple and quiet and easy to take in.“


Small Works on Paper

Fast and Forward But Still Statement

In my early 20’s I was on a train that derailed in Palm Springs, California. As the cars tilted and shifted, I waited for impact but I wasn’t filled with fear. Instead, I was overwhelmed with being in that particular moment. It made me realize how often I lived for times either passed or soon to happen. 

Fast and Forward but Still is a painting series about experiencing the present moment. Each abstracted landscape is inspired from photographs taken on road trips through west Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Watching rushing scenery through car windows is a time when I feel most aware of being in the now. When moving fast and forward through an environment, the passenger is leaving familiarity behind while rushing towards the unknown at the very same moment. They are a captive to the present.