i saw nobody coming, so i went instead (2016-17)

I Saw Nobody coming, So I Went INstead Statement

From large public museum collections to private cabinets of curiosities, collecting is proof of our human need to believe in the history held within objects. Archiving, preservation, and display demonstrate the value we place on these items. When a curator selects what is put on view, their personal experiences cannot help but be incorporated into the arrangement. How factual and unbiased can any collection on exhibit truly be when it is organized by an individual or group with distinct interests? Is it even the object itself that we covet, or is it the haunt contained within it that each of us are after?

I Saw Nobody Coming, So I Went Instead is a line from John Berryman's poem, Henry's Confession. In regards to this body of mixed media work, I interpret this sentence as stepping into the world with purpose rather than waiting for an outside source to set things into motion. By using drawings, paintings, collage, and found materials, I build my own collections to document time and create stories.