Desert Over and Over (2018)

"She was tired of being told she was wrong. Before leaving, she turned to the group and said, ‘I can’t paint your desert, I can only paint mine.’"

works on paper 

Installation Views

Desert: Over and Over Statement

Some folks don’t find comfort within the structure of a home and family. Faraway destinations can’t provide peace of mind either. Their contentment is only experienced when traveling the road between the two places. Desert: Over and Over is a body of work which explores that in-between space.

While working on a painting project of West Texas’ Chisos Mountains, I was reminded of how much I missed the desert. It made me remember the solitude and vastness that a desert landscape imposes on a person. It is a haunting, comforting, and beautifully sad environment and the perfect example of a place that hovers between the security of home and the freedom of the unknown. It is neither “here” and it isn’t quite “there”.

Most can relate that without the monotonous domestic duties, without the tether of family obligation, without the burdens that a home imposes, there would be no need for escaping down desert dirt roads. And without the harshness and isolation of desert dirt roads, there would be no need for the security and shelter of home.